TRI-MAX 30 CAF Fire Suppression In Action – DynCorp – Bogota, Columbia


“Together in a matter of seconds they put the Trimax 30 system into operation. Dave Page and Dave Satawski were able to control, contain, and extinguish the jet fuel fire utilizing the Trimax 30 system in less than 90 seconds. The Trimax foam smothered the 12 to 15 feet of flames and stopped the spread of the fire. Working with the Trimax 30 FFS saved an operation and proved that the Trimax FFS was a great investment for our program.”

Argiearild Lewis - Country Safety Manager - Columbia
DynCorp International

Grumman American Crash

The Tri-Max 3 was so efficient when used by the trained pilot / agent that the same extinguisher, not re-serviced, was used a week later for training 15 personnel to put out a jet fuel fire in a cut down 55 gal drum drip pan. I have had extensive fire fighting training and experience during my 24-year career in the U. S. Navy and prior as a volunteer fireman. I was very impressed by the capability and effectiveness of this unit.

J. W. Lukenbill | C D Safety Officer
DHS, CBP Air and Marine

Sierra Pacific Industries

The people at Tri-Max have provided great service and have been a pleasure to work with. 

Brad Gould | Purchasing/Warehouse Manager
Sierra Pacific Industries

Western Albemarle Rescue Squad

You could not ask for a simpler product to use.

Patrick Watson | Deputy Chief
Western Albemarle Rescue Squad

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