TRI-MAX 30 CAF Fire Suppression In Action – DynCorp – Bogota, Columbia

TRI-MAX 30 CAF Fire Suppression In Action – DynCorp – Bogota, Columbia

“On 9 Jul 06 at 13:30 hrs, David Page’s rapid and selfless actions save the program over $16,800,000.00 in real property and aviation assets. His immediate actions also eliminated a potential threat to our personal and host nation personnel working in the area.”

“At 13:30 hrs Dave Page was on the opposite side of the ramp between the office complexes. Dave Page was monitoring the fuel transfer operation being conducted by the PNC refuel personnel. The first part of the operation was going as planned. Minutes later the purge screw was forced from the top of the pump by the pressure. the screw flew five feet away from the pump. Pressured jet fuel immediately started spraying into the carburetor. The spray of jet fuel ignited immediately. the fire spread rapidly engulfing the pump, fuel hoses and fuel filter. The heat from the fire melted the side of a spill kit. The fire continued growing and spreading rapidly toward the fuel bladders. The PNC refuel personnel fought the fire with three fire extinguishers and could not control or contain the jet fuel fire. The PNC personnel and other employees in the vicinity evacuated the danger zone.”

“Dave Page noticed the fire at the AT-802 FARP and chemical site. He remained calm and composed as he ran towards the fire and the danger zone. Dave grabbed a fire extinguisher in the vicinity of the FARP and chemical site. Dave single highhandedly stood and fought the fire. The wall of flames had grown to 12 feet high and was continuing to grow. Dave knew if the fire made it to the two bladders, then a sea of fire would be released. The sea of fire would engulf the AT-802 ramp where three aircraft were parked, the base of the control tower, the back side of the civil airport, and possibly the fire bladders at the helicopter FARP. Dave Page exhausted all the chemical in five 30 pound dry chemical fire extinguishers and the flames were still growing and the fire was continuing to spread. Dave could no longer be seen from the operations center on the opposite side off the ramp. The area was being evacuated.”

“Dave Satawski had observed the fire, the other personnel evacuate the area, and Dave Page’s efforts to contain and extinguish the fire. Dave Satawski pushed a Trimax 30 fire extinguisher from the aircraft parking ramp to Dave Page. Together in a matter of seconds they put the Trimax 30 system into operation. Dave Page and Dave Satawski were able to control, contain, and extinguish the jet fuel fire utilizing the Trimax 30 system in less than 90 seconds. The Trimax foam smothered the 12 to 15 feet of flames and stopped the spread of the fire. Dave was able to back away from the danger zone where most of the synthetic material had melted and use the standoff capabilities of the Trimax 30.

Their selfless actions saved the two 10,000 gallons bladders filled with jet fuel, thousands of gallons of eradication chemicals, support equipment, aircraft, and most of all lives. Dave Page and Dave Satawski prevented an international nightmare / incident at the Tumaco airport. Dave Page’s knowledge and experience working with the Trimax 30 FFS saved an operation and proved that the Trimax FFS was a great investment for our program.”


Argiearild Lewis – Country Safety Manager – Columbia

DynCorp International

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