Tri-Max Fire Suppression Products

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATri-Max offers a complete line of Stored Energy Compressed Air Foam Fire Suppression Products.

TRI-MAX Compressed Air Foam Fire Suppression (CAF) technology provides both fire prevention and fire extinguishing capability. Dry chemical or inert gas extinguishers can be ineffective and do not have sufficient vapor sealing or cooling capabilities.

The TRI-MAX systems allow for a much greater and safer standoff distance compared to dry chemical and inert gas extinguishers. TRI-MAX technology allows for a high capacity system in a small and compact design.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Patented TRI-MAX CAF technology creates a cold, durable, vapor-sealing foam blanket. The cold dense foam adheres to the fuel surface and resists heat longer than ordinary foams. The foam blanket prevents ignition, re-ignition and release of toxic vapors from flammable liquid or toxic chemical spills.





  • Easy to useDSCI0047_2

  • Activates in seconds to stop fire and fire hazard in its tracks

  • Designed for rapid deployment by first responders

  • Compact and highly maneuverable

  • Can be quickly recharged in the field

  • No moving parts to fail

  • Significantly Longer effective distances

  • Provides low cost training solutions for inexpensive exercises

  • Larger Systems are capable of running two discharge hoses simultaneously.

  • A staple in US Army Aviation

  • Quick bolt-on installation for emergency vehicles

  • Offer Custom installations for heavy equipment