Grumman American Crash

The Tri-Max 3 was so efficient when used by the trained pilot / agent that the same extinguisher, not re-serviced, was used a week later for training 15 personnel to put out a jet fuel fire in a cut down 55 gal drum drip pan. I have had extensive fire fighting training and experience during my 24-year career in the U. S. Navy and prior as a volunteer fireman. I was very impressed by the capability and effectiveness of this unit.

J. W. Lukenbill | C D Safety Officer
DHS, CBP Air and Marine

Sierra Pacific Industries

The people at Tri-Max have provided great service and have been a pleasure to work with. 

Brad Gould | Purchasing/Warehouse Manager
Sierra Pacific Industries

Western Albemarle Rescue Squad

You could not ask for a simpler product to use.

Patrick Watson | Deputy Chief
Western Albemarle Rescue Squad

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