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TRI-MAX Super 70 Gallon Component


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Photo of TM70 Cafs click to expand

Photo of TM70 Cafsclick to expand

Photo of TM70 Cafs click to expand

The TRI-MAX Super 70 CAFS unit was designed specifically for challenging emergency vehicle requirements that do not normally provide engine company or water supply operational capability. This unique low profile component CAFS unit is the flagship product for several fire apparatus manufacturers as the only stand alone CAFS product they will use in their aerial truck company requests. The TRI-MAX Super 70 will support 2 hand lines for quick attack or emergency/ defensive purposes with limited manpower requirements and is easily refilled in the field.


  • TANK: Height: Approx 24” Width: Approx 16” Depth: Approx 92”
  • Loaded Weight: Approx 660 lbs. Empty Weight: Approx 100 lbs.
  • Premix Tank: 70-gallon capacity
  • Finished Foam Capacity: Approximately 1400 gallons
  • Discharge Nozzle: 1”, 1.5” or 1 ¾” pistol grip style
  • Discharge Rate (max): 300 gal/minute of finished foam
  • Foam Discharge Distance: approx. 65-75 feet in a zero-wind condition