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TRI-MAX 30 Wheeled CAF


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TRI-MAX 30 C0mpressed Air Foam System CAFS with San Diego County Sheriff Dept TRI-MAX 30 C0mpressed Air Foam System CAFS protecting US Marines C-130
TRI-MAX 30 C0mpressed Air Foam System CAFS The TRI-MAX 30 CAF is the Standard in Cold CAFS technology. The TRI-MAX 30 compressed air foam system is approved by the U.S. Army to replace the halon and 150 lb. dry chemical systems on all Army flight lines. This extremely versatile system contains 30 Gallons of foam solution that produces approximately 600 gallons of high energy finished foam. The TRI-MAX 30 system allows for a minimum 75-foot standoff distance, which enables personnel to operate the unit without jeopardizing their safety by going too close to a fire. The TRI-MAX 30’s responsive performance was dramatically demonstrated in a recent incident at US Army National Training Center at Barstow Dagget Airport CA, where the systems played a significant role, not only in suppressing the Hanger fire, but also in allowing time to evacuate helicopters to an adjacent hanger.
  • Fits through normal doorways and into standard elevators
  • Compact and highly maneuverable
  • Able to negotiate in and around plant equipment
  • Re-service quickly in the field
  • Use low cost training solutions for inexpensive exercises

Options & Accessories

  • Available in HAZMAT Configuration
  • Additional 100 cu. ft Air Cylinder
  • Component Configurations Available
  • Rough Terrain Tires
  • Industrial Air Bottles
  • Cover


  • Height: 34 7/8” Width: 31” Length: 55 1/2”
  • Loaded Weight: 602 lbs. Empty Weight: 360 lbs.
  • Premix Tank: 30-gallon capacity
  • Finished Foam Capacity: Approximately 600 gallons
  • Discharge Nozzle: 1” pistol grip style
  • Discharge Rate (max): 300 gal/minute of finished foam
  • Foam Discharge Distance: approx. 65-75 feet in a zero-wind condition
  • Air Cylinder (Scuba): Two (2) 80 CF 3000 psi
  • Regulator: Adjustable pressure 0-400 psi
  • Dispensing Hose: 50 feet of 1” hard rubber or collapsible
  • Usable Hose Length: 500 plus feet